Investor Fees
SeedingU does not charge investors any fees for accessing the portal. However there is a non-refundable processing fee of up to 2.5%. For example: $100 investment + 2.5% = $102.50. The fees are associated with placing the funds into escrow and paying banking transaction fees.

Issuer Fees
SeedingU will receive up to 7% commission from the total raised amount and or up to 2% equity upon a campaign's successful completion. Success being determined by reaching or exceeding the minimum target raise amount. In case of cancellation of investment or if the campaign fails to reach its minimum funding target, the investment funds will be returned back to the investors. SeedingU and other third party service fees for each offering are disclosed in the respective offering materials.



We are the only equity crowdfunding portal specific to the virtual reality industry and offer exclusive access to some of the stealthiest VR tech. And yes, we know virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality are technically different but for simplicity sake we put them into the same bucket and just call in VR.

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For as little as $100 you can own your own little piece of the VR industry. You now have as much rights and access to the same startups as top-tier VC firms, angel groups, private equity groups and high net worth individuals.

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We try to make it as easy as possible to hit your funding target through equity crowdfunding. There are zero upfront platform fees and you only pay a commission of up to 6% if your campaign raise is successful.

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