SeedingU is the only equity crowdfunding portal specific to the Extended Reality, Esports and Cannabis related industries.

Zero upfront costs

We charge nothing in advance to set up your campaign. If we feel you are as great as you say you are, we will take on all the upfront financial risk in setting up your campaign. We will handle the costs of the escrow fees, the account fees the legal fees and compliance fees up front.

Campaign consultation

Your web designer should have no problem whipping up a great looking campaign in our campaign builder. We will offer feedback based on our experience from both sides of the fundraising table and we will offer advice if we see any inadvertent compliance violations.

Draft & file Form C

You use our securities lawyer to help draft and file your Form C. After a bit of Q&A and input from both sides, when all is said and done, your Form C will be ready for your lawyer’s review or submission to the SEC.

Success only fees

We only charge 7% commission on all dispersed funds from your campaign round. We also charge reimbursement of some of the upfront legal/escrow fees. Which will be agreed upon prior to activation of your campaign so no hidden fees here.

How it all works

We only list campaigns that meet the following criteria: 1: Must be a US registered company. 2: Must be a company offering products and services within the Extended Reality, Esports and Cannabis industries. 3: Must have a minimum raise requirement of $50k USD. 4: Must have a maximum raise requirement of $1,070,000. 5: Must meet all fraud prescreening requirements.
Click the “Raise Funds” link and register. Answer the next few questions and submit your campaign and contact details. From there, let’s have a call to discuss your needs and our requirements and fees.

During the prescreen process we will need your corporate or other organizational documents, information regarding officers, directors and 20% owners and financial statements (audited, reviewed or certified).

Work with our securities lawyer to draft and file your Form C. Set up your campaign through our custom campaign builder. Tell everyone you know your campaign is live. Lastly, upon success settle up all fees and collect your funds.
We will prescreen you. Offer advice and feedback on your campaign. We will pay all upfront fees, facilitate all regulatory requirements and contracts, act as the main point of contact for communications and facilitate investments into escrow. Most importantly, we will work hard to get a successful result. Remember, we have a stake in this too, both financial and emotional. We will use our partner network and marketing power to get the word out. The investment money will come from industry fanboys/girls, the general population, angels, and high net worth individuals, funds, and venture capitalist.
Campaign setup should only take a week but that depends on what you have done already and how fast you take to execute on the deliverables. As far as how long the campaign will run, the offering must be open a minimum of 21 days. If the date is changed, investors must be notified at least 5 days prior to the closing. Most campaigns last no more than 90 days and all funds are held in escrow until you hit either your minimum target, your maximum target or the campaign expiry date. If successful, the funds are released from escrow and should hit your account within 10 business days.
Yes, we can do everything for you from soup to nuts but it will come at additional costs. If this is something you are interested in, let’s have a call to discuss.
You can create and then upload your own or use our template.
Yes but not with us. We only offer Reg. CF offerings at this time which limits raises to $1,070,000 or less within a 12 month period. However, the rules state you can have congruent campaigns through Reg. D and Reg. A+ offerings. But at this time we do not offer such services.

WANT TO RAISE UP TO $1,070,000?



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